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I just returned from my 7nt Alaska cruise on the Celebrity Infinity. The weather was cooler than my previous Alaska cruises. It was mid 50's to low 60 and overcast a lot. However; it certainly didn't interfere with any of our port stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway.
We arrived to the ship at about 11:15 and found no crowds in line. We walked right up to the counter and was walking on the ship shortly after. In Celebrity style we were greeted by the white gloved waiter serving Champagne and Mimosas. I found all the crew, no matter what their position, was friendly and greeted you in passing. Personally, I find the decor on the Infinity rather simple, and the artwork a bit peculiar. But the ship is in fine shape, the carpets are fresh and clean, and I saw no signs of neglect anywhere.

Entertainment - The entertainment on board was very good. I found out that the dance shows are done by a production company from England. They contract with Celebrity for six months. The team stays together and leaves the ship all at the same time, and a new team comes on. They practice together for a whole month before coming on the ship. The production show itself will stay on the ship for several years due to the cost of costumes and stage props and putting the whole show together. The production shows on the Infinity were "iBroadway", "Boogie Wonderland" (a back to 70's), and "Around the World". In Around the World, the dancers did an Irish River dance that was so good I had to remind myself I wasn't actually in Ireland! Other entertainment was a magician and a ventriloquist Ronn Lucas. Lucas has performed for several Presidents. He was excellent.

Activities - There are so many activities on board. No one should claim boredom. The Celebrity Life program offers computer classes, dance lessons (cha cha, line dancing, waltz, swing, line dancing), cooking lessons and demonstrations and wine parings, fitness classes, and Rosetta Stone introductory language lessons. I sat in on a Spanish lesson to see how the Rosetta Stone works. Other activities were the normal art auction, bingo, ice carving, trivia and name that tune. They also have a Naturalist on Alaska cruises that gives lectures on glaciers, seals and whales, and history of Alaska.

Food - How anyone can say Celebrity doesn't have much selection on their buffet is beyond me. They must not be looking. The whole buffet area from front to back is full of different selection. Lunch included a section each for desserts/Asian food/Panini and Sandwiches/Pizza Calzones/Cold salads with choice of 6 dressings, additional vingarettes, and many different toppings/Pasta station with four different pastas where you added your ingredients (mushrooms, shrimp, onions, peppers, etc). They would then stir fry all together and you had a choice of four different sauces/a station for carved meat and all the hot items with fish, chicken, beef, hot vegetables, casseroles, and vegetables. In addition you could find grilled items out by the pool, hotdogs,hamburgers, sausages, and fries. If you were still hungary then look over at the Aqua Spa area where you could find light fare dishes and grilled Salmon.
Celebrity also has a complimentary hand dipped ice cream station with eight flavors and toppings. All the ice cream is made right on the ship except for sugar free.
Breakfast buffet had many different stations also. A separate station far in the back for waffles, pancakes, and crepes/another separate station just for making five varieties of Eggs Benedict./Another for the normal spread of bacon,eggs,ham,scrambled eggs, hash browns,and made to order omelettes. A separate station for breads, including their wonderful sticky buns, and another station for European Breakfast. Also a light continental breakfast at the Aqua Spa. At dinner the buffet included a Sushi section, the made to order pasta section, pizza section, desserts, and the hot section of several choices of main dishes and side dishes.
Breakfast and lunch were also offered in the main dining room with order off the menu. The dinner menu now has two sides. The left side are items offered every night. Items like Shrimp cocktail, Ceasar Salad, Escargot, French Onion soup, Chicken Breast, Sirloin steak,Salmon, and Apple Pie. On the right side of the menu were the items that changed each night. Each night offering a beef,fish,vegetarian,pasta,and poultry. Appetizers had some very different choices like goat cheese, and frog legs which I've never had on any other cruise line. Service in the dining room was attentive, and the Head Waiter came by several nights.

For those who are members of the Captains Club they have added some great new features for those in the Select and Elite level.

The Celebrity Infinity is scheduled to be "Solstisized" meaning she will be getting some of the features from the Solstice class ships. The Infinity is already a great experience.