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Originally posted by queenofcruzin:
I am with Penny, I love cruising with others, but I also loved cruising solo. Having the freedom to do what I want, when I wanted is a great part of cruising solo.

When I recently cruised with my new hubby for the first time, it threw me for a loop when he wanted to do things I had never done before. I went along with his choices(being a happ newlywed), and sometimes he made better choices and then sometimes I gently suggested my way, he didn't always agree, but we continued to find out more about each other in a very good way. I would certainly cruise solo again if he couldn't go, and enjoy the solo part of cruising.

I also agree with Penny that excursions and certain events on the ship, I would always run into the same people who share common interests. I never attended singles events either. I never tried Freestyle or Anytime dining on my own, but I think if you asked to share a table with others, the Maitre d is very understanding.
Yes, certain aspects of going solo are at an advantage. I will check out excursions, if I can afford them. Eating alone isn't something NCL is helpful with. Sharing tables is what I have tried but they don't put any effort into finding a table to least that has been my experience. Thanks...appreciate your post