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We were on the Wind a year and a half ago. I,too, was worried after reading alot of negative reviews. Don't worry. The ship is older, and since it was lengthened, it's tricky to get to the Trattoria, the third dining room. We did dinner most nights in the Trattoria restaurant, as the two main dining rooms were usually very busy with 30 - 45 minute waits. I don't believe we waited longer than 10 minutes to be seated when dining in the Trattoria - the food and the service were excellant. To access one either goes through the show lounge or goes up to deck 11 by the pool, and enters from outside - this is a direct result of the lengthening. Do be aware that there is no casino when doing a Hawaiian cruise. I actually heard someone complaining about the lack of a casino ("I wouldn't have come if I knew there wasn't a casino" - someone didn't do their homework on Hawaiian cruises). The casino area was being used for yoga classes and the art auction. I decided not to worry, and to pretend I was a new cruiser - one who is overwhelmed by everything. Worked for me. I talked to many first-timers who were thrilled with the ship and the whole experience. We actually enjoyed our four sea days - the first 4 days were hectic, with port stops each day, so we got to relax, and enjoy the pool (the aft pool is best if you want to avoid the crowds and kids). I would recommend the Wind 10 or 11 day cruise over the 7 day cruises out of Honolulu, mainly because of the extra sea days.