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What's to evaluate? I paid them for a service that I didn't receive! >>

BAS, I am assuming that the online agency that you booked with also sold you the insurance policy with Access America? Also, I notice that you are located in San Diego.

Every travel agent that sells travel to a California resident is required to register with the State of California Attorney General's Office and receive a "California Seller of Travel" registration number. You probably have seen the CST # xxxxxx in various advertisements. I do not know which online agency you purchased the trip from, but I would think that you might want to check to see if they are registered in the State of California. If they are not, I would consider a letter of demand for a full refund citing that they have not complied with the laws of California and that they had no legal standing to sell travel within the state.

If they do not respond, then you have a wonderful small claims action that you could bring against the agency in question and you would probably prevail.

Bas, and everyone else reading this message, please use the services of an established cruise professional. It is situations like this where a cruise professional would go to bat for you to resolve the issue rather than exasperate it.