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When we were on the Summit the first time, I am thinking the head chef was Michael Roux. This was maybe 5 or 6 years ago. Probably the head chef was trained by Roux. At any rate, that is when we had what we considered tasteless food! The food on the Equinox was far superior, in our opinion.

Sonny, I never thought about contacting the Hotel Director with a problem. On our one and only Princess cruise, we were very disappointed with the crew. It sounds to me, from Penny's post, that the Princess crew found their way to the Solstice! But, when we had the experience, I never thought about the hotel director. To be treated rudely over and over again is definitely a management problem that needs to be addressed.

Since we haven't booked another cruise yet, I am in the post-cruise blues period. I was surfing today, though, and hopefully will come up with a bargain for a 2010 cruise. Since it is going to be below zero here this weekend, I wish we were cruising NOW!