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What are these Next Cruise Certificates and when can they be purchased..

Welcome to cruise-chat. I'm surprised a C&A Diamond member hasn't been told about NextCruise bookings.

NextCruise is a booking you make while on a cruise, just like you've done before. The difference is a NextCruise booking is not for a specific cruise. It is an open booking you make with a $100 per person deposit. This locks in an onboard credit for whenever you activate the booking and select a cruise for it. The credit varies from $50 to $200 depending on the length of cruise you eventually select. When you decide on a cruise, the deposit you paid is credited to the cruise and you still have to pay any additional deposit. The NextCruise booking never expires and can be assigned to your agent if you wish.

So essentially, if you want to book a cruise while aboard ship but can't decide on an itinerary, NextCruise lets you do it without a specific commitment.