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The reasons for cruising are different for everyone. As for me, I love it probably because of something which most folks today actually eschew. Cruising is one of the few modes of travel left that one can, if one wishes, revert to a time past, a time when people tended to pay more attention to the “social graces” or, as I like to say, when life was a tad more civilized but not necessarily “high brow.” I don’t know your age but I’m treading on the heavy side of sixty and I fondly recall the days when families, properly dressed from church, had Sunday dinners together. Back then, were adults to dress formally for maybe a once a year big night on the town, other folks kind of admired rather than snickered at them.

I truly enjoy the fact that every night at dinner I am waited upon by formally attired and trained staff who pride themselves in the correct manner to both set and attend a table. Following a memorable dining experience, I can then relax with a brandy and stimulating conversation with either old friends or recently met friendly like minded passengers. And then of course, there’s nothing that compares with strolling the Promenade deck with my wife as the moon rises (or possibly, even sets) over the vast expanse of the Atlantic.

Best of all, one can today enjoy a style of traveling that not that long ago, was only afforded the more economically privileged.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm certainly not of the "economically privleged" set. I carried a badge and a gun for twenty-seven years.