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Yea, I'm lying to a 16 year old who can't spell for what reason? Pathetic really pertains to your lifestyle and the fear of God might be a good thing for you to consider at your young age.

I really feel sorry for you and don't intend to be mean. It is possible to have meaningful social interaction with out the influence of alcohol. It just takes a little more skill then you have right now and a lot less self-interest.

I like my alcohol but I control it so that it doesn't control me. If you want to surrender your life to the whim of the power of alcohol, that is your problem. Fact is you will become someone else's problem and I don't want it to be me on a cruise where I find you sleeping in your own vomit.

If you don't like the way this thread is going, post something new. You had to ask the question of what people think so you will hear what people think. Don't complain about how people respond if you don't like their answer.