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It takes a little longer to go from Charolette Amolie than from Red Hook, but Charolette is closer to where the ship docks. There is a place on Trunk Bay to rent snorkeling equipment. The trail is approximately 50 yards from the shore and encompasses approximately 100 yards. It is in water ranging from 15-20 feet, maybe 30, but it's not deep. It looks like you can touch bottom because it is so clear. The water is calm and warm (unless there's a storm). If you're worried about a rash, since they do use disinfectant, then I would suggest bringing your own. Personally, I've never had any trouble with rental equipment, but I guess some people could be allergic to the disinfectant they use. I now have my own equipment, but we snorkel a lot. The ferry only takes about 30 minutes, and the cab ride takes about 15-20 more. It is WELL worth the travel, even if you just play in the water and lounge on the beach. It is absolutely beautiful. Be sure to take a camera for some breath-taking pictures. Have a wonderful cruise!