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Not all inclusives offer day passes to cruisers but Sunset Beach does and you will not be dissapointed. There were 13 of us. When we got off the ship we were asked where we were going and we told them. They offered us a van for $2.00pp each way. It was a new van and very nice. Our driver was an older man and very friendly. He gave us his card but no idea what I did with it. He offered to return to pick us up. We said 2pm and when we walked out there he was waiting! Some of my best memories are at Sunset Beach Resorts. Bring a 32 oz cup as they only supply 6 oz cups. By the time you get back to your chair yoy will need another. They have self serve soda machines. The bartenders will gladly fill up your 32 oz cups. The jerk chicken is wonderful. All the food at the snackbar was hot and fresh.