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Our daughter went on her first cruise in Nov '05 as a newly turned 5 year old & was hooked from the moment she stepped on board. She totally loves Camp Carnival & all the activities they have to offer. We are headed out on what will be her 6th cruise this May & she is already talking about Camp. We go to the first night orientation as a family & have such a wonderful time. They have games in the disco & make your own ice cream sundaes afterwards. During orientation you are told about the camp & how it runs & asked to fill out some forms about allergies & things concerning you child. If your child is 5 & under you are also issued a pager to use throughout the whole cruise. This is in case you child is at Camp & is unhappy or just wants to leave. They page you & you can go pick them up. Also get the Camp Activities list, this has the whole week planned out hour by hour. Our daughter goes over this the night before & tells us which activities that she wants to join in on. She has such fun there & often choses to eat diner with "her class" as she calls it instead of us. No matter if your child is in camp or hangs out with you I know that you guys will have a wonderful time.