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Originally posted by fonger:
I'm going on the NCL 7-day Sawyer Glacier cruise to Alaska, and I need help with an excursion in Juneau. We arrive at Juneau at 7AM, and depart at 1:30PM. One of the cruise offered excursion is to visit the Tracy Arm fjord. We have 2 adult and 2 kids, so at $200 and $140 each, I'm looking at $680 for this side trip. Is it worth it? On the itinerary, the entire 4th day is listed as "cruise Sawyer Glacier." Isn't the Sawyer Glacier reachable only via Tracy Arm? If we spend the entire 4th day on the cruise ship looking at Sawyer Glacier before we head up to Skagway, should I spend $680 to take a catamaran to look at the Tracy Arm? Won't we see glaciers and wildlife from the cruise ship on our way to Skagway? Please help.
If your cruise ship is cruising Tracy's Arm you might see Sawyer Glacier. I say might because if there is too much ice in the arm, the ship will not go all the way up.
A small Catamaran will get you up close and personal.
I do not believe you will see any glaciers on the way to Skagway. If I recall you will see a few ice field near Skagway. Same goes for wild life, seeing any from the cruise ship is rare, and usually far away. A small vessel can get closer to shore if they see any wildlife.
I took the Photo Safari by Land and Sea in Juneau. I Loved it. We saw plenty of whales, the Mendenhall Glacier. We also took a short hike near Mendenhall Glacier, while it is not uncommon to see wildlife on this tour, that day we were not lucky.We saw eagle, but they would not be still long enough to get a photo. Below are photos taken on this took. There is also a gps map of the area we toured. The photo show a large number of whales is out of focus because of a little boat rocking, but I wanted to show you the numbers we saw. I think I paid $175.00 for the tour. In the photo of the Mendenhall Glacier if you look at the lower left area of land, you will see how close you can walk to the glacier, still a distance, but a good view.

Cruise Photos from Mexico and Alaska

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