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Can someone please tell me when the Early Saver Rate went into effect? Also we pre booked our upcomming cruise back in Aug/08 actually 2 weeks after we got back. We have heard from other posts that Carnival usually offers a discount for booking early - is this true and if it is any idea what the amount is? would it be pp or per cruise?
I just realized I may not have fully answered your question. There is a "Welcome Home" offer they (sometimes) send out to recent guests. I think it is $50 off of your next cruise if booked within a specific time. That offer (the last time I received one) was per cabin, not per person. They don't seem very consistent with sending out the offers though.

They normally will honor rate decreases up until the final payment date regardless of it being the Early Saver Rate or not, at least that's been my experience. They have given On Board Credits past the final payment date in the past on occasion as well. I don't know if they are going to keep being so lenient with that though, now that the Early Saver rate is available with the guarantee.