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I was on the ecstasy when this happened yesterday. No, it wasnt 10 minutes. But when one has no idea what is happening, it is terrifying. Water pouring over the edge, all food, plates, chairs, dishes, breaking and sliding all over the floor. People separated from their kids, their families, and children crying. The reason for the trampling was that the buffet restaurant was packed full when this happened, and we all had to rush over to the high side of the room, and people were trying to get out of the few doors leading outside. Imagine about 400 folks trying to go out a few doors. Chaos, yes, but short-lived. From the time the engine moaned and the ship listed, to the time it regained balance...maybe 3 minutes? Again, we had NO idea what was happening. Hearing about it after the fact (hindsight 20/20)'s not so awful. Believe me, it was terrible. However, Carnival staff were unreal. They called all hands on deck and those folks got to work!! Amazing that w/n minutes people were back at the buffet lines getting more food!!!! They kept us updated (first it was a buoy, then an "object" speculation began about what the "object" can only imagine the theories). Many folks with wheelchairs, splints, cuts, injuries of all sorts this morning, but we were told 3 had to be takento the hospital when we arrived in Galveston. Alls well that ends well, but after 5 cruises, I think I'll be waiting a bit before I venture out. I know it's safe, but I will need time before I can be comfortable.