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Sonny, I'm not sure how our travel agent booked things. My husband has taken care of everything. I'll have to ask him.

I've been reading some reviews of the Sovereign of the Seas on and have a few more questions. I'm sure I'll have more has the reading continues.

What is the "Not so Newlywed Game Show"? Is it on our ship? Is it audience participation? Tell me more please.

Also, what is the Quest Scavenger Hunt? Same things, is it on our ship, etc.

And has anyone done the Yellowbird Party Boat Tour while in Nassau? I've read its 3 hours long and you go to an island for a little r & r, however the critic wrote that you only have about an hour and a half on the island. I'm assuming the 3 hours includes the travel time as well. Is it worth it for the price then?