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Hi All!

Hi All!

I'm thinking of going on a cruise some time this year or next. The Caribbean is where I would like to go as I've been there many times alone. This time I want to take my mother - my mum is Wheel chair bound and with this, I'm wondering what we are going to do with the Port of Calls TOURS! My boss who have been on many cruises says that she have seen many disabled ppl STAYING on board the ship! This is not what I would like my mum to have to do, so can you give me any ideas on what type of cruise I would be best looking in to? The parts of the W-I I've been to, just don't have any help for Wheel Chair users you see. But surely some must??!! Are there ports of calls that have buses, etc. for wheel chairs so we can tours? If so, on what Islands are the best for this? Even if we get to go on one or two tours together, that would be something!

Please help! Any info would be GRRREAT!

tashy x
tashy x