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I made it and am back.

I went through both categories of suites and have to say I like the Upper Deck 6 (Grand Suites) much better than the Verandah Deck 11 (suites).

The Grand Suites were much more spacious and also had a whirlpool type bath tub, and a walk in closet.

The Suites on Deck 11 Verandah were not all that impressive compared to a regular Balcony Cabin on the newer and bigger ships. It started raining pretty hard while I was in there so I didn't go out on the balcony beyond opening the door for a peak. The Balcony definitely wasn't covered and was much smaller than the Grand Suites.

Not to spread rumors as I don't know beyond my gut instinct, but I think some additional "regular" balcony cabins will be in the Carnival Fantasy's future. I just don't know when. I did ask the Corporate person hosting the inspection about this. They said they doubted it would be during the next scheduled drydock because of the scheduled time frame.

The ship itself has truly been re-born! It was amazing to see the transformation so far of the public areas and cabins. The Promenade deck has been transformed from what used to be a little "tacky" to "classy".

They have raised the center area of both Dining Rooms to afford window views. The forward Celebration dining room is used for the "Your Time Dining", and has had chandeliers and other upgrades. The Jubilee dining room looked basically the same as before with the exception of the raised center floor.

I have to say I was very impressed with what Carnival has done with this ship from the last time I was on her. My camera was acting up from going from inside to outside several times, but I'll get some pics or a link posted in the next few days.

A word about the crew. They all seemed "above average" friendly. I don't know if they were told to because it was Charleston and the people here are that way naturally, or if they were because they were happy to be home ported here.

I'll follow up with more as soon as I can.

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