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I understand your problem and think you will find that Princess is really good about the tipping. First, you can go to the Purser's Desk and take all or part of the tipping off your bill. They are very good about this and understand when there are 4 in a cabin and a couple of those are very young. Don't worry about the purser as they should not give you a problem. I have seen a couple of them sort of frown but they don't always understand the circumstances. Second, if you choose to take the daily tip off, you should consider tipping your dining service staff and your cabin attendant. I would guess your cabin attendant will be very busy if all of you are in 1 cabin. If you have traditional fixed dining, you should tip either at the start of the trip for the entire trip (some prefer this method) or at the end of the trip. They have envelopes at the Pursur's desk. Same for your cabin attendant. If you have Personal Choice dining, you should consider leaving some of your tip on your bill so it will get to the right folks. Very tough to tip every night you go because you may get multiple servers. As for the bar staff, tip will be included with whatever you order automatically even with sodas. If they have a "Soda Card" for a fixed price, you will be able to get sodas just by showing your cruise card with the coke sticker on it. As for buffet, no way to really tip unless one of the folks in the seating area helps you significantly. I have never seen anyone tip in the buffet but am sure some folks do. Again, if you leave some on your bill, they will share. So my experience has been that leaving something (say $10 per day for 2 or 3 of your family)on your bill gives you a lot of options. If you find someone that you really like and they do something exceptional for you, you might want to give them something as an individual tip. Certainly if you cabin attendant does something over and above to help you with your 18 month old, they should get something. Again, up to you. It is certainly nothing to be stressed about and I am certain you will feel comfortable doing whatever you choose once you are on the ship. One thing to remember is that service on a Princess Cruise if for the most part superb. The pay they get from the cruise line is, I understand, not all that great and the tips make a difference. Therefore, service should be exceptional. Sorry for the long reply. Above all, enjoy your cruise.