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Vietvet, I was going to use that parking facility Sonny linked to. However, when we got there, cars were parked EVERYWHERE, on the streets outside of the fenced area, practically on top of each other, inches apart. There were lines waiting to get a shuttle to the port, there were lines waiting to get a shuttle to the airport, there were lines waiting to get their cars out, lines waiting to get their cars in.

In their defense there was a huge snow storm that had shut down a lot of airports, so many people had not picked up their cars when they were supposed to. They simply over-sold their lot. Also, they were good and did refund my money. It sounded like a great deal because it was less than half of what the port charges, BUT, I parked at the port. None of the hotels that I've stayed in have had parking available. We're staying at the Westin this year and I'm going to ask them. The Renaissance might have had a package, we didn't drive when we stayed there. If the Westin doesn't have parking, then we'll park at the port this year, too. At least I know my car has half of a chance of surviving the week. It definitely adds up, but when paying for 2 to fly, it's still less expensive for us to drive, even with hotels. Before they decided to gouge us for gas, it used to be MUCH less expensive. Now, it's maybe $100/less with all the expenses, gas, food, lodging, hotels, and parking.

I guess, bottom line, you could try the off-site parking, but if you do, make sure you have good insurance. You might even check with your home owner's insurance to see if that would cover you, too.