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We booked a cruise with this operator in December 2007. The Mystique Princess is advertised as 5 star, but with too few bookings, you are switched to a catamaran advertised as 4 star. No refund for the price difference, or the fact that the cabin sizes are 6 square metres smaller. Nothing you can do about it. You don't even reach the advertised destination! This is because the Fiji Princess cat takes 7 days to get to the same place and back. You are off it after 4 days. And you have to endure a 5 hour ferryboat ride back to the mainland. I'd sooner die that do that again. When you complain after you return home, you are told it is a 4 star to 4 star switch. If you ask their Live Help you are told Mystique is 5-star. Google "Mystique Princess 5 star" and you can see that this is what it is, except you never see it. It is being hired out for wedding charters. BIG RIP-OFF!! There is nothing 5 star about the Fiji Princess: 4-star, maybe - at a pinch. But to switch these two boats is deceptive.