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Hi Carol, I have considered going on Triumph from Charleston the last few years as is a short drive for me. It always seems over-priced. What kind of rate code are you booking, and how far out? Thanks, Island

Originally posted by Cruise Specialist:
DYG is correct, if you have a preference as to where you would like your cabin, then of course select your cabin, if you go with a guarantee, the price is a little less expensive and you will at least get the catagory you paid for, but you can also get upgraded. The further out you purchase the guarantee cabin, the better chances for an upgrade. With Carnival, we usually do guarantee..example: last October we sailed on Fantasy, purchased 6A guarantee about 8 months prior to sailing...ended up on Empress deck midship starboard side. We are leaving on Triumph from Charleston on the 18th, we purchased 6A guarantee over a year ago, our cabin assignment is on the Spa deck catagory 6E. Its just a matter if you prefer a certain location, or if you want to take a chance and end up anywhere on the ship. Of course I have heard people have gotten some locations that they were not happy with, but we don't really care, we just want to be on the ship.