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I used to live in Alaska and agree with Karen, expect anything weather wise. I did take the ferry up the Inside Passage from Bellingham, WA, to Haines, AK, last summer and the sun was out everyday. That is not normal. I spent 4 weeks in Juneau during January and February 2002 and it rained everyday, all day, except for one day when we saw the sun. Bring raingear, warm clothing, and summer clothing and you'll be all set. As far as which side of the ship to sail on it doesn't really matter much. You'll have beautiful scenery on both sides of the ship for much of the voyage. As for the train in Skagway, you'll enjoy it. Did it a few years ago. Sit on the right side on the way up for the best scenery. They make you switch sides once you get up to the top so that everyone is afforded the same great view. However, the commentary was better on the way up (and I napped on the way down, it started to rain). Whatever you do, enjoy Alaska. It is an amazing state!