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Unfortunately so many people try to work the system to get discounts and so forth that corporate has become very suspicious. We had an incident with flooding last March on the AOS and basically got told to pursue it through corporate if we were not satisfied. Representatives at Corporate basically told us that no record of our problem existed, in spite of the water being turned off on the ENTIRE ship for two afternoons while a plumbing leak was repaired (outside our room door). I really was disappointed in how we were treated, but have to say no one was ever rude or condescending. They simply maintained the fiction that this didn't happen, our carpeting was not soaking, and the maintenance people who came (repeatedly) and vacuumed up water had no record and therefore this did not happen.

Phooey! People with legit complaints get tarred with the same brush as those people who never planned on being satisfied. While I don't blame RCCL a lot of my warm feelings and brand loyalty has gone by the wayside.
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