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Hi, trunk bay is a must see. there is a lifeguard there and if you can swim even at a moderate level you can snorkel. you can even learn in the shallows if you cant swim well. snorkeling is more floating on top, breathing through a tube, than swimming. the air in the mask and the salt water makes it easier to float. I'd rent first to see if you can enjoy it and then buy your own gear. you can get "dry snorkels" which have a valve on top to keep water from coming in and unless you need a prescription mask (like me) it really doesnt cost much to get decent gear from a company like pays for itself after a few times not paying the rental fee. Most rental places wash thier gear with a mild bleach solution, but with shore excursions coming one after another i could see a few germs getting by. If you stand close by when a shore excursion group comes in you can probably listen in to instructions for beginners. the main thing is to try to stay on the surface if you kick up the sand it makes it harder to see, and standing on coral can scrape you and will kill the coral, you just want to float above and around it....Have fun!