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There are several places in this world that seasoned travelers regard as "must-sees," the Holy Grails of the travel set. For some it may be the pyramid at Giza, the temple of Angkor Wat or the South Pole. Some lists may include the Great Wall or the Great Barrier Reef. But one sight that makes virtually every serious traveler's list of "things to see before I die," is the Panama Canal cruise. When the Panama Canal opened its locks in 1914, this miracle of man's engineering saved ships nearly 8,000 miles of Atlantic to Pacific travel time. The 50-mile long, man made river also gave guests a merry means of vacationing in both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans. Eastbound and westbound voyages trace the routes of pirates and hopscotch the resort ports of the Pacific coast. The best of two worlds are joined in one great adventure.

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