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Everytime I have complained about a legit complaint, it has been taken care of by RCCL. Writing reviews on some of these gripe sites, and we know which ones they are (the initials are TA), it has just become a forum for competitors to bash each other and for crazies who didn't get what they want.

We have a business that was written about in one of these sites (TA)...they complained because we wouldn't allow them to party w/ non-guests (bunch of 20 year-old guys) in one of our suites. They were running up and down the stairs carrying beer & were planning on having a pre-wedding party. (The wedding wasn't at our place) The guy who rented the room wasn't even in the room. So if we had allowed it and one of these underaged guys fell down the stairs, who do you think they would sue? Apparently, they had a lot to drink another evening and then did the cowardly thing by bashing us on Trip Advisor. Of course they are cowards since they don't use their own names.

The interesting part is when you read negative reviews, most of the time, you can figure out exactly what they did...and when they don't get their own way, they act like children. We have started legal procedings because they were in fact tresspassing and the man who rented the room is responsible for their actions. By writing this negative review, he is allowing them to inflict damage on us. And surprise...the man who rented the suite is the father of the groom and he is a minister.
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