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There were 2 hotels where the driver dropped us off. One was the Rui and I cannot remember the other one, I think it was a Sheraton. However, you really didn't need to use the hotel facilities. There was a dock with a bar/restaurant, there were plenty of water toys available for rental, and the beach was beautiful. My hubby walked up to one of the beach bars at the hotel and got a drink there, then we walked out on the pier and had lunch. There wasn't much to see snorkeling, but I had a ball swimming. I think the cab driver charged us $20 or $25 to take us there. When we were ready to go back to the ship, we walked up to the hotel and got a cab. I didn't check with either hotel to see if they had day passes available. There were other hotels along the area, but we didn't walk over to them. Hope this helps a little.