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I know SonnyV has done Transatlantics. The oceans can get rough, but the captains always try to steer clear of as much as they can. When we were on our cruise last December/January, we were in the Atlantic quite a few days and we had some really rough seas. The Royal was small, but she did well. We did have to drop our speed, so we didn't make St. Barts in time to go ashore. Had we been in our orginal cabin on deck 6, we couldn't have used our balcony the first 3 days. They "upgraded" us to deck 8. Even so, you would still get quite a bit of spray out on the balcony the first few days. We didn't have any problems, and not sure if many did on board, but didn't seem to be too many missing from dinner. It just reminded me of how sailing used to be, rocking and a rolling