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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
Don't believe everything you read. Reviews are like that, more people take the time to post a negative one than those with a positive experience. It is true there were reports of lines and congested areas of the ship when it was brand new. I believe they have addressed most of those issues. It is a beautiful ship and I have read lots of good reports from members here.

You will love Carnival's new Mahogany Bay port on Isla Roatan. Carnival's policy regarding non-alcoholic beverages is a limit of 12 per person. They are not all that strict with it. I usually take more water than that and have never had a problem.
hey dave Iam in n.y and I was planning on going on the mircle but I had chosen the dream. I thought more people more people to mingle with,Iam going solo, I thought a smaller ship like the mircle would be kind of bored, only 2,oooo people .I dont know what to do ,cant find any one to cruise with they dont like to cruise.