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Originally Posted by tim c View Post
He said that you can go out and buy the video set and see for yourself.. Who knows. Very intresting though..
Hi everybody, it's a long time since I logged in last time ... everything is so different.
Flippin' thru the threads I bumped into this ...
Has anybody solved this problem ?

Note that:
... the video may have been "photoshopped" directly by the DVD set producer, so it's easy to say "go and buy it, and see it's all true";
... the "time travelor" issue sprung out just in the same days was celebrated the 25th anniversary of the great movie "Back to the future": here in Italy on November, 5 (the day the story goes) we were able to watch the movie, but only that day and only in some selected cinemas (my 17 yo kid and I did ...);
... last but not least: how could a "time travelor" call anybody (in 1928 or in his time) without a fully operating mobile telephone network ? or was he from a future far beyond from ours, where they don't need any network ? but, in this case, will they still use big candybar cell phones ?

This phone issue seems to me a little too ... phoney
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