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One month to go and we just finished the excursion plans. This will be the 3rd time we've landed on St. Kitts but the first time we're actually taking the ferry over to Nevis. It's very odd, but it seems that Nevis isn't interested in cruise passengers. Not only don't the ships offer excursions to that island but the tour guides do everything they can to discourage cruise passengers from coming over. The ferrys run often enough and aren't particularly expensive so I can only think that Nevis wants to cater to a smaller and more exclusive clientelle. Their Four Seasons Resort just reopened at $600 per night and the rest of the island doesn't seem to be geared towards tourists like the other islands are. In any event we found a guide who has told us previously in 2009 to stay on St. Kitts but this time doesn't know we're cruise passengers. We'll do some investigating and try to find out why they don't want cruisers' money.
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