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Default Radiance Thoughts
As I mentioned, we had a wonderful time on the Radiance and loved both the ship and the port of Tampa. We had a wonderful encounter with our assistant waiter, a young Chinese lady in her 20's, who we hit it off with right away. We ran into her, as well as our waiter, at a Walmart in Tampa on departure day and it was a special moment. We wish her well in the future and hope to be exchanging e-mails in the future.

On a not so bright note, we had undoubtedly the worst cabin steward we have ever had and was the first one ever that we only gave the recommended amount to in tips. Still, it did not detract from our great cruise. One area that almost made the trip a disaster was in the area of the pre-cruise "enhancements". I always have something in the room for our daughter and my wife and this cruise was no different. I had the usual Bon Voyage chocolate cake in the room waiting on their arrival and one extra special surprise. Since this was the first time we had cruised right at Christmas, I ordered the Jolly Holly fully decorated and lit tree. I was nearly giddy as we entered the stateroom only to find no tree in place, only the cake. Thinking this was going to be a late arrival, I then asked our aforementioned terrible cabin steward to check on it. He never did, naturally and I then went to the guest services desk myself. After checking into it, I was given the sad news that no Christmas trees or flowers had been delivered to the ship!! This, despite the fact they had a record of it. I was devastated as this robbed me of an irreplaceable moment. Their response was that I was not going to be the only disappointed one and I left with an impression of an onboard credit coming to me. Nope, by the end of the cruise, it was clear that only a refund of the price was coming, that back to my card, and no good will gesture at all was made. Under normal circumstances, a refund would be fine but maybe I am just being too trivial. Fortunately, my wife had packed a small, prelit tree and I almost left it "knowing" the surprise I had preordered!! Boy, there would have been a surprise alright if I had left the other tree behind!! I am just really disappointed and hurt this didn't pan out and a little surprised at the lack of thought by the guest services staff. Am I just expecting too much? Still, the cruise was great and the port and ship are now our favorites!

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