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Default Carnival Magic Trip of a Lifetime
Hi all! It's been a while!

Hubby and I are celebrating 20 years this year and are taking a Mediterranean cruise for our anniversary (yet with 2 boys in tow...I do love them but...sigh).

So I have read, cruised, searched and reviewed as much as I could on the European ports and the Carnival shoretours and still don't have enough specific information on cruisetours (or Carnival's Cruisetours) to the following ports:

Marseilles (although general concensus seems to be to take a tour to Provence areas)
Naples (Travel Channel's Samantha Brown did all but wipe her feet of this city, though)
Palma De Mallorca

Since this is my first Carnival cruise (I'm traditionally a RCCL girl and closet DCL fan when I can afford it), and I'm dragging three men who don't deal well with unplanned days and things that go wrong, I am sticking with the cruiseline tours (for my own peace of mind - like an anniversary present to myself!)

So, Inquiring Minds Want To Know:
What Carnival Shoretours did you take in these cities?
What did you like/not like about them?
What do you wish you had done instead (other than take a private tour or go it on your own)?

Even if you have done tours to these cities and don't think I want to hear your "little ol' me" opinion, you're wrong! I do!

Thanks so much everyone! Okay....start the discussion!