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I hope you don't think less of me after you read my review of the show!

Kevin Sheehan seems like a nice guy to me, certainly more respected by the NCL employees than his predecessor. I always appreciate seeing someone in management who has held "regular" jobs, in Sheehan's case being a NYC cab driver. Talk about a job that gives you some perspective on humanity! I remember when I was in the military if I saw a Good Conduct Medal being worn by an officer, I knew he or she had walked in my shoes as an enlisted person.

Okay, now for the cynical Dave:

I've not watched Undercover Boss before, but now that I have it seems a bit contrived to me. Someone on the ship had to know he was there and what the video crews actual mission was, and therefore that information had to have made it's way to the crew quarters. So I think many among the crew knew he was aboard but didn't know which person was him. This would explain why the waitress ID'd him so quickly. She remembered him from serving him earlier this year when the Epic was rolled out, and was now on the lookout for him.

The thing with the paper climbing waivers where he acted shocked at the bureaucracy also was pushing things a bit. He knows RCI went to on-line waivers well over a year ago. He knew that in the fall of 2009. I saw somewhere today that NCL is now going to have on-line waivers. That isn't something that suddenly happens so they have to have been working on it for a while.

NCL is preparing for an IPO and they want as much good publicity as they can get. I'll know more tomorrow after I attend a wed conference with them. Mr. Sheehan is scheduled to be there.