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Originally Posted by Van Beach View Post
You will definitely want to take a sweater or long sleeve shirt. We were on the Legend the first of December and it was not very warm. In fact, the last day it was too chilly on the deck to be in a swimsuit. I did not expect that and I had only packed one sweatshirt and one pair of jeans. I wish I would have had packed long sleeve tshirts and even yoga pants or sweat pants. Hopefully it will be hot sunny and calm so it won't be an issue on the deck. The lounges and dining room were definitely chilly - I bought a shawl on the ship to wear around my shoulders over my sun dresses and that helped a lot. Next time I need to remember a sweater! My husband likes the room cold - so I had to wear slipper socks to bed. What is your itinerary? We are planning to cruise next December again and we are seriously looking at the Freedom. Can't wait to hear about your trip and what you thought of the ship. Have fun!
Thanks for the info. I was planning on bringing a sweater as Fort lauderdale is not always warm in the winter. Our itinerary is San Juan, St Thomas, Antigua, Tortola, Nassau.