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Default Sales pitch Vaca Insurance
We are about 2 weeks from our Fantasy cruise. We recieved a call from a Carnival TA on our home phone messages. It said in essence that an agent needed to go over our cruise documents to be sure everything was in order, and that they noticed we had not purchased vaca protection. I know that many of us on cruise chat reccomend it, but we don't buy it. It's our choice. We called back because she implied our docs were not in order. What it really was was an excuse to high pressure sales pitch to buy insurance. It even went from $120 each to $95 each when we again turned it down. She went on how we are over 60 and a medivac could cost up to $25,000. I guess I was OK, as I understand companies need to pursue every avenue of revenue. But I do bristle a bit at this mild deception, our cruise docs were just fine it was just an excuse to sell.

Is this happening to others or just those over 60, I wonder