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And to think it was mostly a routine maintenance dry dock. I don't know why they replaced the Promenade tile. It looked great and had been replaced once when they changed the Promenade to a Roman type theme. I hate they replaced the marble staircase as it was beautiful and classy. It was slippery when wet though. The Fantasy has been through so many changes since it was new. Every time I go on the ship it's like it is a different ship. The flooring at the water park was in need of replacing as well as the jogging track. I wonder what they did to the Mongolian grill. It was already pretty new. One thing that needed to be done that I didn't see on the list was work in the Forum lounge - Punchliner. Not exactly sure what they could do to make it more suited for the Punchliner venue as it is a multi use room.

During a recent ship inspection one of the attendees asked the Carnival rep if the ship had a theme. Answer - Not really any more.

Oh, as an update to a post I made last year about the giant can of Whiskas being gone. It is back now and is located beside the bar in the Cat's lounge.