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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Last month 3 employees serving on the Enchantment Of The Seas were arrested for smuggling drugs into the U.S. As part of the follow-up investigation, drug-sniffing dogs swept the ship this past Saturday and they found more heroin and cocaine hidden in an area accessed by crew only. The street value is estimated at $100,000. The story

I'm thinking RCI will be increasing the security checks they do on crew when they return to the ship while in port.
I have never cruised RCI but I am very familiar with what my daughter and her husband go through as crew returning on Carnival. They get a much more through screening than the guests do. They take off shoes, sometimes even get a pat down. I asked why once and they said it is to head off smuggling, they didn't say drugs specifically but clearly that counts. I bet someone on RCI is in a lot of trouble and maybe even some security personnel if they were in on it.