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Default Posting Guidelines And Rules
We require that all members adhere to the following guidelines and rules.

Guidelines For Posting on the CruiseReviews Forum:

* CruiseReviews is made up of thousands of serious cruisers. Our visitors tend to be sophisticated and well traveled adults. As such, our conversations tend to be focused on the joy of cruising. Anything not pertaining to cruising should be posted in the Lido Deck section, so long as it follows the guidelines below. Personal messages amongst the members should be made using the "private message" function. Membership is open to users age thirteen or older.

* Here are the things that the moderators will look out for and delete if they exist. Anyone violating any of these guidelines will be given an official warning and then are subject to being permanently banned from CruiseReviews
* Do not post copyrighted material: Any information from another web site should not be copied and posted to this forum. If the information is important, then post a link to it (subject to the "no advertising" rule, below). If you post copyrighted material on CruiseReviews, you run the risk of being banned. Do not post embedded videos from sites such as You Tube or other web sites. We view these as copyright infringement. You should instead post a link to the video provided the link complies with the forum rules.

* Do not post inflammatory or confrontational messages: CruiseReviews is a sophisticated forum where adults discuss all aspects of cruising. Do not post messages that are disruptive, harassing, or that flame anyone. This includes Private Messages to members and staff. Politics and religion are specifically off-limits. Any such messages outlined above will be removed quickly and if a member continues to post such messages, he or she will be banned from the site.

* Do not post topics or discussions of an adult nature: Since CruiseReviews is a family oriented site, discussions of an adult nature are not permitted, nor will links to any web site containing such material. The use of vulgar language or profanity is also prohibited. Members posting such messages will be banned.

* Do not advertise or solicit anyone in this forum. Anyone soliciting, advertising, or posting spam will be banned. This includes requests to be e-mailed, solicitation of others to share a cabin or other cruise costs, the misrepresentation of one's affiliation with a travel company or service, the posting of one's own commercial web site address, or a direct link to another website that contains substantial advertising.

* As a courtesy to our readers, and to also avoid confusion, we ask that members start only one thread per topic. Duplicate postings will be deleted.
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