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As a follow up (now that I'm at my regular computer and can type);

The parking in Charleston is odd at the present time. They will have signs directing you where to go. You will need to have your boarding pass, id, travel docs ie passport - birth certificate out and ready multiple times.

You drop your luggage off at one place then are directed to park in a big warehouse. Now - don't be fooled by Carnival's wording in the directions that say a "complimentary" shuttle is provided from the parking warehouse. It is complimentary - but it is MANDATORY! You cannot walk over to the pier or you will be turned back. You must arrive via shuttle bus.

It's not that bad and it flows pretty smoothly and quickly. There will be police at practically every intersection near the parking area. If you need further help just ask them. They are the nicest police you will ever encounter.

Congratulations on your first Carnival cruise on board the rejuvenated Carnival Fantasy! Say hi to Edward and Larry for me. Larry is the Lido bar manager, and Edward will either be bartending at the bar outside the casino or at the atrium lobby bar. Hope you have a wonderful cruise.

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