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That's a tough one, Sonny; I would hate spending 5 hours at the airport too, but a 10:30 flight? What you have in your favor is that the 17th is a Sunday so traffic should not be an issue--the pier to LAX should only take 25-30 minutes. So it all comes down to how soon you can disembark and how quickly you can collect your luggage.

Every time I've come into San Pedro, disembarkation has started around 8:00 for passengers with early flights. If you can leave the ship by 8:00 you should have your luggage and be at the shuttle stand by 9:00, maybe a little sooner. And if it dosen't take more than 15 minutes for the van to fill, which it shouldn't, you should be at LAX by 9:45. Then there's check-in and security . . . .there's a lot of "ifs" and "shoulds" and "maybes" in there Sonny!

All of this makes me think that the RCI transfer and the Luggage Valet program with the boarding passes and pre-flight check-in might be worth the extra expense.

Or, you could take the later flight and spend the money on a really nice brunch at the "Restaurant in the Sky" at LAX.

I hate to rush and worry: I think I would do brunch :-)