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Wink Whew..Just missed the bridge
On my last cruise we stopped at Lisbon. I wasn't on deck to see us go in but on departure was at the front of the ship as we sailed down the river.Standing there enjoying the buildings going past ....and then I saw it.The bridge in front of us spreading from one side to the other.That seems a bit low I thought to myself as we were about to pass under and a glance back at the funnel confirmed those thoughts.The front where I was standing went under with room to spare but when I looked back it seemed like the top of the funnel was about to hit the bridge. It didn't of course and there was probably plenty of space but it certainly looked quite impressive....(perhaps I'm easy to please)

So my two thoughts later were....
Is the sight just as impressive from someone sitting on a balcony or is it always better standing on deck ?
what other ports in Europe are there that when you enter/depart there is a bridge you go under where it seems like you might crash into it.
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