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My husband and I did the Chef's table on the Fantasy January 1-7, 2011, and it was by far the highlight of our cruise! Our table had only 7 people including us, and two were our table mates that decided to try it when we talked to our waiter about it. It is not widely advertised, and they will not take more than 12 people. Our ship's galley was too small to accomodate a table, so ours was in the library. The chef prepared the dessert plates and garnished others in the library so we could see. The dinner includes red and white wine, bottled water, and an unbelievable one of a kind menu. The only question at the beginning is "Does anyone have any allergies?" After that, there are no choices. It is an extensive tasting menu - small portions of many different things (the best of the best, and not offered anywhere else on the ship). The dinner lasts 3 hours. We got a galley tour at the beginning. The head chef was ours for the night. The dinner included the picture that is taken at the beginning, the recipe for chocolate melting cake, and a cookbook autographed by the chef. If you are a foodie, like my husband, it is truly a fantastic experience. I will look for a chef's table first thing on every cruise I take from now on - it is well worth the $75+tip.