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We are cruising wih our 20 month old on paradise next month- we have one more family friends come along who have a 16 month old. This is our first time on a cruise- please advice - tips- embarkation procedures- I know camp carnival is for 2 yrs n up, but do they have babysitting atleast- my 20 month old is tall looks like a 3 yr old...dining options- how do we get dress codes n where...etc etc- we r going to catalina n ensenada- do we book shore excursions? r they kid friendly?

please advice....thanks in advance

We are leaving next week for our very first cruise and had some questions. I can try and answer some of your from what I have learned so far. Gratuities are the same for children as they are for adults. there will be 4 of us in a room (including our two kids) and it will cost us $40 a day. For excursions we called carnival because when I went to manage my cruise and book and excursion I was unable to click on some of the excursions, they said either the child is too young for the excursion or there is not charge for the excursion provided the child dosn't take up a seat. Some excursions are not kid freiendly and they do say and age limit on most of them. I don't know about dress codes, I am hoping that just a polo type shirt will be acceptable. I have learned a lot from just reading other people comments on here. I think this site was a huge help for first timers.

I hope you have a great trip.