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We only go to the "Cheap Movies" - I refuse to spend $10 for the movies. The last good movie we was the "Get Low" with Robert Duvall and Bill Murray. "The Wrestler" with Micheky Roarke was exceptionally well done also - we liked it so much better than "Crazy Heart" - which was good, just not gooder... The theaters here have taken to offering an Xtra small popcorn for $3.75 - a refillable bucket for $6.25. If there are two people doing popcorn - it's cheaper to get the bucket, even if you don't refill it (or if you're like me, I've had a tendency to spill the bucket lately, so I at least get to get more to eat....) We tend to do the movies in the hot weather around these parts - we'll use their A/C.
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