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I've been going to the matinees which are way cheaper than at night. It is $6.50 or $5.50 for the first showing. On Tuesdays small drinks and small popcorn are $1. I couldn't afford to go often on any other day when small drinks and popcorn are like $5 each.

Prior to the last few months I hadn't been to the movies in 6 years. This cold weather has done me in, and I am tired of being couped up in the office or home in the condo.

Our theater sells the refillable bucket that Susan mentioned for $15 then $2.50 for refills. They also have a rewards card program where you get free stuff every so often. They spent several million re-doing the cineplex with stadium seating and high tech sound. It is pretty awesome.

The movie "Blind Side" that Rick mentioned is an exceptional movie. I saw it on HBO last year twice. HBO is included with the cable package the HOA has set up. I would never voluntarily pay extra for it.

The new Blu-Ray/Netflix via the internet set up is pretty nice. Only thing a lot of the movies that Netflix has are not "instant play". The ones that are work amazingly well. Just load them on your instant queue and voila they show up on the Blu-Ray.

For example they don't have the Twilight series via instant play, so I've been watching them one at a time via the mail. I got Eclipse today so may watch it tonight. You won't hear me talking about movies very often when the season starts as I am always busy. I even take on extra jobs. If they need a condo cleaned in a hurry I'll be the first one to volunteer. I have to make the bread while the oven is hot to pay for my cruises.

I would've never guessed I would like the Twilight series. The books are supposed to be better I hear.
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