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I don't like going to the movies, either, and don't do it often. I find I get bored easily and almost always end up looking at my watch to see how much longer I have to sit there. If we see a trailer that looks interesting or if my husband reads reviews that make him interested in a movie (I hate reading movie reviews, too), we'll put it on Netflix and we don't care if we have to wait a couple of months to receive it. In fact, we just switched our Netlifx plan down to the one-disk-at-a-time plan, as we don't watch them a lot at home, either.

The last movie we saw in the movies was just recently, and it was "Tangled" in 3-D. That's one thing I can't do at home, with no 3-D television. In fact, our television is 25 years old, we don't have DVR but just a video tape recorder and DVD player attached to it. (Shrug) Just not that interested, I guess.
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