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Carnival is very careful with their policies (written and unwritten) as it pertains to children. I have a 20 mo. old myself and I can share what I know. First of all, a comfortable child is a more happy child. If a kid is dressed in stuffy attire, they are going to be less than happy by the end of a meal. Go with Jim's advice. For a child, a polo shirt and khakis would be sufficient on the dressiest of nights (This does not go for your husband, lol. He still has to practice his Windsor knot). An important note is to refrain from the temptation of putting your child in the swimming pool. Carnival frowns on un-potty trained children in the pools (nope... not even with swim diapers). I would also ask that you observe normal rules of common courtesy. My child is not perfect and will get "fussy" after prolonged periods in confined areas such as restaurants and shops. Some people have saved a very long time for the privilege of going on the cruise. My child's crying doesn't bother me in the least but it could grate on the nerves of my honeymooning neighbors. Keep the little ones entertained and know when to extricate yourself from a room to help maintain a modicum of peaceful ambiance. Children cry and that's a fact of life... it's just that some people are quickly annoyed by it and you have take their rights to peace and quiet into consideration. You are most correct that some shore excursions are not appropriate for the little ones. Most will tell you if they are kid friendly or not. For a rule of thumb, I typically stay away from anything that offers an open bar. If you intend to rent a vehicle in Mexico, be advised that car seats are not required down there. If you choose to bring a car seat, be also advised that Mexican vehicles are not necessarily equipped with the LATCH system required in all American cars since September of 2002. It may make installation not impossible but a little more difficult. Sunscreen... let me say that again... SUNSCREEN is an absolute necessity. Spf one gazillion if possible. The sun in that area is brutal (even if it's cloudy). Do not let the little ones eat any fruit or vegetables from Mexico. Do not let them drink any water or have any ice in drinks from Mexico. I don't care if they have reverse osmosis systems, Montezuma does not discriminate against kids. Let common sense be your guide. You will have a blast!!