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Originally Posted by Simmi View Post
We are cruising wih our 20 month old on paradise next month- we have one more family friends come along who have a 16 month old. This is our first time on a cruise- please advice - tips- embarkation procedures- I know camp carnival is for 2 yrs n up, but do they have babysitting atleast-...dining options- how do we get dress codes n where...etc etc- we r going to catalina n ensenada- do we book shore excursions? r they kid friendly?

please advice....thanks in advance

Expect babysitting to be from 10PM - 3AM (and this is in Camp Carnival...not in the cabin)....for $6 an hour.

Sea days there is no babysitting during the day...but you can go into Camp Carnival from noon -2pm and play with your child with the toys.

Port days seem to be inconsistant. I have read (not personally experience) that "SOME" ships offer babysitting for a few hours during the day when in port. Again the $6 per hour see would apply. Check with Guest Services when you board to see IF the Paradise does this.

You will need to make sure you take EVERYTHING you need while on this cruise for your child.

I would also suggest that you take a small inflatible baby pool to use as a bath tub for the little ones. Most don't seem to like showers.

As far as dress codes, Carnival is probaby one of the more casual cruise lines. On Elegant night, no jeans....but business casual will work.

Basically, you will arrive. (Make sure your luggage has your luggage tags on it that you printed off your computer) I always cover mine with CLEAR packaging tape to get it strength and protect it incase it is raining that day.

You will hand your luggage to the porters. Your luggage will be delivered usually by 6pm outside your cabin. Because of this, there is NO dress code on Embarkation Day in the Main Dining Room.

You can not access your cabin until with babies, I would keep the carry ons to a minimum.

We usually board and head up to Lido to have lunch. Afterwards, we will pick out a spot on the Promenade and sit there and relax until the cabins are ready.

Carnival does charge for the bottled water and soda in your cabin...but you are allowed to bring them long as you carry them onboard. (don't put them in the checked luggage)

At 1:30pm, your cabins will be ready. Go get settled in. There is a safe in your cabin to put your cellphones in. MAKE SURE THEY ARE TURNED OFF.

All you will need is your Sail and Sign card. The ship does not except cash in the gift shops etc (even for the smallest purchase). Everything has to be run through that Sail and Sign card. You can secure your Sail and Sign card with a credit card or with cash. If you use a Credit Card, Carnival will put a "hold" on your credit card account. The amount varies with the length of the cruise.

Your gratuities will be charged automatically to your Sail and Sign account (unless you prepaid them...which is allowed as well). While these are called a "tip", they are really a service surcharge because this is how the Carnival wait staff and cabin stewards are paid.
This is their salary.

Room service is 24 hours and is free. So is the pizza and soft service ice cream on Lido.
A $1 tip is customary when ordering room service.

Babies who are not potty trained are not allowed in the pools or hot tubs. (even if they are wearing swimmies)

I would also recommend an umbrella stroller. They fold up and are convenient in that they don't take up to much room in the cabin.

If you like speciality coffees....Carnival charges for them on the Promenade...but you can get expressos and cappicinos in the Main Dining Room at any meal.

The Main Dining Room is open every morning for breakfast. There is no dress code. (except no men's sleeveless undershirts...that is the one thing I have seen them ask not to be worn at any time in the Main Dining Room)

The MDR is also open for lunch on SEA DAYS but not PORT DAYS. Again no dress code.

I have never been to these two I have no experience there....

Hope these tips help.