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Let me take you down a little trip through reality lane... You can get dressed up in the fanciest of formal attire and your husband can wear the most dapper of tuxedos (complete with tails), but that doesn't mean that all of the ship's guests are going to follow suit (pun intended). This is not a put-down on Carnival but there will be some people who go out of their way (and are allowed to do so) to buck the trend when it comes down to formal night. Contrary to what others may say, you WILL see people wearing shorts and Hawaiian shirts on formal night and they will take pictures in front of the different backgrounds to immortalize their lack of civility. Carnival does little to enforce dress codes in the dining rooms. If you wear your White House State Dinner finest, you will be in good company. Many women still dress up and wear lame and sequins. My advice would be to go nuts and enjoy yourself. Carpe diem and make the most of it.